For family and work – Volkswagen Caddy.

Volkswagen CaddyAnd is there it – the perfect car, date for commercial purposes, and suitable for family trips? Rejecting very specific conditions, we can say: such car exists.

Why is it? First, the name of its builder speaks for itself. Secondly, the Caddy family has excellent technical characteristics:

3 choices of power plants: 2 diesel engines of 1.6 and 2,0l petrol and unit volume with capacity in 1,2l;
4,406m of length, 1,794m of width and 1,823m of width;
Automatic gearbox of DSG series;
2239l luggage department;
7 passengers and up to 650 kilos (in the top assembly) of weight of transported cargo.

Excellent specifications of Volkswagen Caddy, reasonable price, maximum safety, efficiency, available spares Cuddy – what else distinguishes this car? Exterior and interior of the cabin. There are stylish grille, lean body outside and neat, thoughtful view inside.

Here it is observed the most important principle: in the cabin there is nothing extra. But there are a mass of relevant instruments, indicators, holders and stands.