Sedan or crossover.

Sedan or crossoverIf the question, why did you decide to give up the advantages of cars in favor of a crossover, you hesitated to answer or even answer by meaningless “because I like”, then you don’t need to read this article. In that case, if the choice of crossover is predetermined by a real need to provide somewhere a little more rest, we will try to highlight those aspects that you should pay attention buying it. Discard of the “top” the wheels of big dimensions with low profile tires and leave them for posers, who are “because they like.” No matter how wonderful is their appearance, sought comfort during driving on our roads is unreal.

Pay attention not only on the ground clearance of “SUV”, but also on the front and rear overhangs that determine the angle of arrival on an obstacle and exit from it. As short is it- so better your opportunities are to cross-country and stores the bumper. It will not hurt to check the availability of compulsory lock-up of clutch and the ability to turn off the stabilization system.