2014 Honda Pilot Touring Review

2014 Honda Pilot TouringWhy this is John the third from both that comment highland Indiana. And today we’re gonna go over the 2014 on the pilot for The Well the first thing you’re going to notice. About the high During, Is the multifaceted jewel reflected headlamps, Honda Pilot led headlights. She Straighter in longer down the road so you’re not gonna find any Traffic. The headlamp falsos may not Alexa which is the same material, that they use on a space shuttle window what that means field is that. They’re unbreakable he often do have plotlines that help you see the. Every Honda pilot comes with. 18 inch Michelin tires with alloy rims you have 4 wheel disc brakes, antilock brakes and electronic break if you can. And the pilot scoring comes with back up camera, Bluetooth and navigation.

Convenience for your driving needs. The 2014 on the pilot during college with the rear entertainment system with a remote control for easy access to your video. In the rear. You do want to open up the entire tailgate one quick but. Forgot. And it comes up automatically now to get it down. Pressure power liftgate. Let’s say something’s in the way. It does have a safety mechanism for that nothing’s going to get. Trapped between. The car. And they were killed. It does come with your exhaust. A trailer hitch in the rear wiper so when it’s raining you have visibility out of your back when. The 2014 Honda pilot touring comes with a 3.5 liter ivy tech engine with PCM which stands for variable donor management. One of the great features Honda has on the 2014 Honda pilot touring is the basic body structure what the eighth body structure stands for is a pain.

Dependability engineering in essence what. What it does is you have crumpled homes here. It makes it feel softer here is stronger here so if you were in a frontal impact it’s going to come back in like an accordion and keep whoever’s in the cockpit say. Thanks for watching today’s demonstration of the 2014 Honda pilot. Remember I’m John this urge from both ikana highland. Come see me today for a test drive.