Nissan Titan Tail Light – headlight Bulb, How to Change Install

Nissan Titan Tail LightDo To demonstrate how to. Place a tail light assembly only. Son tight truck. This project will take approx maternal minutes to complete. Only tools required or a 10 millimeters socket and ratchet. Or a 10 millimeter ranch. First you want to drop the tailgate and locate the

2. Excel at cap screws. Located on the inside panel of the truck. Holding the tail lamp assembly and place. Once he screws located take your 10 millimeter ratchet. Or ranch. And Loosen and remove. Screws My tail light assembly.
Once the screws removed tail light assembly can be removed from the truck by simply. Sliding it back towards the rear of the truck. Then You can remove.

3. Tail lights inside the assembly. This is a picture of the reverse light. Simply twist taillight counterclockwise. Poland and the fixture. Doing the same with the tail light headlight. Counter clockwise and pulling my the fixture. Once the 3 lamps are removed detail on assembly is now removed the truck.

If you’re new tail headlight assembly and 2004 nissan titan headlights comes with it push pins. You can remove the plastic push bands. With a pair channel locks. Graced enter pair pliers.

This is a picture of the new tail at assembly. With the new plastic push pins. Remove the push pins from this assembly. Find the holes and pushing men. Now your 3 lanes can be a reinstall your tail headlight assembly. Simply lining up the holes. The group’s. Shown here. Inserting the lamp. Twisting clockwise. Appear. Once all 3 of them Sir place. One of the side rooms. On the inside of the tail end assembly. What’s new classic push pins. Pushing towards the truck and push the whole assembly towards the front of the truck to scare.

Now you can reinstall your to Peck said cap screws. And tightened securely with a 10 millimeters socket. But do not over tighten. This concludes the installation of a tail light assembly for a Nissan.