Test results of the headlamps of 21 SUVs.

Test headlampsThe Insurance Institute for Highway Safety of the USA (IIHS) published the results of testing of the headlamps of 21 compact SUVs. In total, the experts tested 47 different options of lighting equipment, changing according to the completion. The best result was included into the final table.

The tests carried out at night. Using the special sensors, the experts of IIHS measured the amount of light headlight (direct and in four types of turns (right and left, smooth and sharp turns).

The final grades were given on a four-point scale: “good”, “acceptable”, “poor” and “bad”. No one of the tested cars got the perfect score, and almost half of them — 12 cars — received the lowest grade.

According to the representatives of IIHS, Honda HR-V is equipped with the worst headlamps as opposite to 2008 Hyundai Tucson headlight bulb (at that, this model has no optional ones). According to the test results, the best headlamps are the LED lights of Mazda CX-3.