Air conditioner and advice for its longevity.

conditioner autoIn difference with climate control air conditioning is a more primitive device, the main task of which is to cool the air in the cabin. Monitor the temperature in the cabin the driver needs by himself.

In spite of this air conditioner it is still a nice bonus in the car, helping the driver and passengers feel comfortable in the summer. In certain countries with hot climates, for example, in the United Arab Emirates, its failure is akin to torture, as the outside temperature often crosses over the mark of 50 degrees of Celsius.

However, as many nice things, air conditioning requires self-care, as well as compliance with certain conditions.
You can turn on air conditioning only in summer but also in winter. Moreover if you want air conditioning to work long and properly, it not only can be turned on in the winter, but it is even necessary! The thing is that special oil circulates with the refrigerant in the line, lubricating not only the compressor, but pipes as well, thereby preventing them from drying out.