Nissan Titan Tail Light – headlight Bulb, How to Change Install

Nissan Titan Tail LightDo To demonstrate how to. Place a tail light assembly only. Son tight truck. This project will take approx maternal minutes to complete. Only tools required or a 10 millimeters socket and ratchet. Or a 10 millimeter ranch. First you want to drop the tailgate and locate the

2. Excel at cap screws. Located on the inside panel of the truck. Holding the tail lamp assembly and place. Once he screws located take your 10 millimeter ratchet. Or ranch. And Loosen and remove. Screws My tail light assembly.
Once the screws removed tail light assembly can be removed from the truck by simply. Sliding it back towards the rear of the truck. Then You can remove.

3. Tail lights inside the assembly. This is a picture of the reverse light. Simply twist taillight counterclockwise. Poland and the fixture. Doing the same with the tail light headlight. Counter clockwise and pulling my the fixture. Once the 3 lamps are removed detail on assembly is now removed the truck.

If you’re new tail headlight assembly and 2004 nissan titan headlights comes with it push pins. You can remove the plastic push bands. With a pair channel locks. Graced enter pair pliers.

This is a picture of the new tail at assembly. With the new plastic push pins. Remove the push pins from this assembly. Find the holes and pushing men. Now your 3 lanes can be a reinstall your tail headlight assembly. Simply lining up the holes. The group’s. Shown here. Inserting the lamp. Twisting clockwise. Appear. Once all 3 of them Sir place. One of the side rooms. On the inside of the tail end assembly. What’s new classic push pins. Pushing towards the truck and push the whole assembly towards the front of the truck to scare.

Now you can reinstall your to Peck said cap screws. And tightened securely with a 10 millimeters socket. But do not over tighten. This concludes the installation of a tail light assembly for a Nissan.

Test results of the headlamps of 21 SUVs.

Test headlampsThe Insurance Institute for Highway Safety of the USA (IIHS) published the results of testing of the headlamps of 21 compact SUVs. In total, the experts tested 47 different options of lighting equipment, changing according to the completion. The best result was included into the final table.

The tests carried out at night. Using the special sensors, the experts of IIHS measured the amount of light headlight (direct and in four types of turns (right and left, smooth and sharp turns).

The final grades were given on a four-point scale: “good”, “acceptable”, “poor” and “bad”. No one of the tested cars got the perfect score, and almost half of them — 12 cars — received the lowest grade.

According to the representatives of IIHS, Honda HR-V is equipped with the worst headlamps as opposite to 2008 Hyundai Tucson headlight bulb (at that, this model has no optional ones). According to the test results, the best headlamps are the LED lights of Mazda CX-3.

For family and work – Volkswagen Caddy.

Volkswagen CaddyAnd is there it – the perfect car, date for commercial purposes, and suitable for family trips? Rejecting very specific conditions, we can say: such car exists.

Why is it? First, the name of its builder speaks for itself. Secondly, the Caddy family has excellent technical characteristics:

3 choices of power plants: 2 diesel engines of 1.6 and 2,0l petrol and unit volume with capacity in 1,2l;
4,406m of length, 1,794m of width and 1,823m of width;
Automatic gearbox of DSG series;
2239l luggage department;
7 passengers and up to 650 kilos (in the top assembly) of weight of transported cargo.

Excellent specifications of Volkswagen Caddy, reasonable price, maximum safety, efficiency, available spares Cuddy – what else distinguishes this car? Exterior and interior of the cabin. There are stylish grille, lean body outside and neat, thoughtful view inside.

Here it is observed the most important principle: in the cabin there is nothing extra. But there are a mass of relevant instruments, indicators, holders and stands.

Sedan or crossover.

Sedan or crossoverIf the question, why did you decide to give up the advantages of cars in favor of a crossover, you hesitated to answer or even answer by meaningless “because I like”, then you don’t need to read this article. In that case, if the choice of crossover is predetermined by a real need to provide somewhere a little more rest, we will try to highlight those aspects that you should pay attention buying it. Discard of the “top” the wheels of big dimensions with low profile tires and leave them for posers, who are “because they like.” No matter how wonderful is their appearance, sought comfort during driving on our roads is unreal.

Pay attention not only on the ground clearance of “SUV”, but also on the front and rear overhangs that determine the angle of arrival on an obstacle and exit from it. As short is it- so better your opportunities are to cross-country and stores the bumper. It will not hurt to check the availability of compulsory lock-up of clutch and the ability to turn off the stabilization system.

Air conditioner and advice for its longevity.

conditioner autoIn difference with climate control air conditioning is a more primitive device, the main task of which is to cool the air in the cabin. Monitor the temperature in the cabin the driver needs by himself.

In spite of this air conditioner it is still a nice bonus in the car, helping the driver and passengers feel comfortable in the summer. In certain countries with hot climates, for example, in the United Arab Emirates, its failure is akin to torture, as the outside temperature often crosses over the mark of 50 degrees of Celsius.

However, as many nice things, air conditioning requires self-care, as well as compliance with certain conditions.
You can turn on air conditioning only in summer but also in winter. Moreover if you want air conditioning to work long and properly, it not only can be turned on in the winter, but it is even necessary! The thing is that special oil circulates with the refrigerant in the line, lubricating not only the compressor, but pipes as well, thereby preventing them from drying out.